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Curriculum is the set of experiences, activities and events direct or indirect which occur in an environment specially planned to foster children's learning and development. In simple terms, Curriculum is a plan for learning. LEADING LIGHTS believes that every child is special and unique. Also, the ages of 0 to 6 years is one of the most important periods of any individual's life because of the amount of brain development that happens during this period. Preschools play an extremely important role during this period.

A quality preschool program revolves around the child. The 4 major components that are instrumental in shaping the learning of the child in school are:
  • the philosophy
  • the curriculum and methodology
  • the learning tools offered to the child
  • the teachers who facilitate learning
We have incorporated best practices from several early childhood philosophies drawing especially from the Montessori method (in practice), thematic approach by Dewey keeping in mind today's Indian social and academic context and developmentally appropriate models in devising the comprehensive solution based on the age of the child. This makes it highly individualised for every child.

Our curriculum is a comprehensive child-centric curriculum that comes with set of objectives in all major areas of development. It is related to the child's developmental readiness, interests, questions, style of learning and the cultural context in which the child finds himself/herself. Is compliant with ALL respected Early Education policies.The curriculum emphasises the key areas of development in the child in the spheres of Senso-motor, Personality, Language, Cognitive and Creative skills. Within each area, we identify specific development objectives to be met for each child undergoing preschool education as part of our curriculum.

The learning tools offered in LEADING LIGHTS are well equipped to give concrete experiences to each & every child to understand and follow any concept so that objectives of our curriculum can be achieved. These materials are not toys, but are specifically designed educational, non toxic & extremely attractive aids with specified scientific objectives. Once children work with the materials they move on to abstract learning on paper with our own specially designed workbooks and activities.

The success of the curriculum will be in its implementation. Our teachers are trained properly to implement the curriculum. LEADING LIGHTS emphasise on teacher training. The training content is deep and covers numerous areas like - Overall curriculum objectives, methodology, teachers roles and responsibilities. Our teachers understand the importance of their attitude and behaviour in terms of impact on the child.
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