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Annual Sports

Sports form an integral part in the physical development of the child. Our Annual Sport's day happens to be the most enthusiastic programme with many interesting physical activities. Exciting events keep the children entertained throughout. Each & every child participate with great joy & enthusiasm.
Our Annual Sports Day is a event of the year that not only reinforces the values of sportsmanship but also exposes our children to new sports every year.'Life is often compared to a game that everyone is playing to win. Win some. Lose some. But never give up.....' On this positive note,
our  Annual sports day begins every year.  Performance, exhibiting sportsmanship, competition,
and team-work are the key factors that are witnessed by all the spectators every year in our Annual Sports Day.

Each and every child is appreciated, as we believe that "A child is the creation of the Almighty" and should be treated with great respect. Remember, "Sports does not build character but it reveals character."

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